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/Lifter Bottle
Rolling bottle leach tests are used in many types of laboratories. Historically, rolling bottle tests have been run in smooth walled bottles in which mixing of the solid with the solution is difficult and sometimes not existent.
After several years of development, Kappes, Cassiday & Associates is proud to announce the LIFTERBOTTLE™, a three and one-half lifter, wide mouth, HDPE bottle with intergrated lifters cast into the walls of the bottle.


  • Perform metallurgical test work to determine the leachability of an ore product (i.e Cyanide Leaching).
  • Perform environmental test work where solids are contacted with a specific lixiviant.
  • Eliminates the need for manual mixing.
  • Applications for the aggregate and asphalt industries.
  • Uses in cell biology and microbiology.
  • Cell and tissue agitation and growth.
  • Maintaining systems in suspension.
  • Mixing to maintain consistency in paints and adhesives.
  • Rock and Mineral tumbling for polishing.

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