Vibrating Cone Mills

Vibrating Cone Mills

Cone mills are designed to crush and pulverize hard and brittle bulk materials of various strengths.

In the cone mill, pulverization occurs by means of abrasion – simultaneous compressive and shear strain of material particles between the outer and inner shells.



  • Pulverization of material particles without overmilling of the entire sample;
  • Obtaining various product particle sizes by:


  1. adjusting the gap between the shells;
  2. selecting the amplitude of the inner shell oscillations (VCM 10);
  3.  installing a long or short pin (VCM 10);
  4.  selecting the rpm of the drive drum weight (in the VCM 6 – 2, and the speed in the VCM 10 – 3);
  5. The possibility for operation “under debris” – without adding material to be crushed;
  6. Discharging of material into an inner or outer container (for collecting small-volume samples or continuous operation; VCM 6).



Ferroalloys, ore, coal, slag, ceramics, glass, limestone, soda, smalt, diatomaceous earth.



Mining, Metallurgical, Construction, Chemical.

Vibrating Cone Mills


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