Dry Milling – Vibrating Grinders

Dry Milling – Vibrating Grinders

Vibrating grinders are designed to comminute samples to a finely dispersed state in intermittent

In a vibrating grinder, comminution occurs by means of abrasion – simultaneous compressive and
shear strain of material particles between the crushing bodies and the cup walls. The grain size of
the ground material depends on the grinder operating time, the initial grain size and the physical
properties of the material, as well as the cup loading volume.

The VG 1 vibrating grinder is designed for comminution in intermittent operation of one sample with
volume from 20 to 50 cm3, while the VG 3 vibrating grinder is designed to handle three such samples
simultaneously. The VG 6 vibrating grinder is designed for simultaneous comminution of six small
(up to 5 cm3 ) samples




  • High comminution efficiency due to:
  • grinding elements made from high-hardness tool steel;
  • the shapes of the grinding bodies, enabling circulation of the material inside the cup.
  • Quick-release cup fastener;
  • Use in the drive of an elastic petal coupling that reduces the vibrations transmitted to the
  • support surface;
  • Effective noise insulation;
  • Digital control timer for VG 3;
  • There is a shelf in the VG 3 grinder for storage of spare parts, tools, accessories and samples;
  • Equipment of the VG 1 and VG 6 with a PPU3 control panel featuring a timer and Т 80 pedestal.

Vibrating Grinders


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