Mobile sample prep lab

Mobile sample prep lab

We are excited to officially launch our purpose-built mobile sample preparation laboratory packed full of the latest innovative and robust sample prep equipment available.

Designed for you to come out and test the equipment first hand while chatting to our experienced sales team, so be sure to bring your samples for processing. Our demo area is conveniently situated in Alberton, south of Johannesburg. We can arrange also a demo at your office.



Equipment on board
  • JC10M Crusher
  • HM 2×2 – Hammer Mill
  • RSD Sample Splitter
  • DP10 Sample Splitter
  • VG1 Mill
  • DG175 Disk Grinder
  • DG65 Disk Grinder
  • VG3M Mill
  • 200mm Sieve Shaker.
Mobile Sample Prep trailer in action:

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