Soil Grinder

Soil Grinder

The Soil grinder SG 1 is designed to grind dry soil samples without comminuting plant inclusions and stones.

Soil comminution in the grinder occurs as a result of material particles being crushed by rollers.

The grain size of the com-minuted product is regulated by the size of the discharge grating openings and depends on the physical properties of the material.



  • Grinding of soil components in a sample without overmilling;
  • Adjustment of product grain size due to:
    • replaceable discharge grates;
    • adjustment of gap between rollers and grate.
  • The folding discharge funnel provides:
    • easy removal of non-comminuted sample residues;
    • fast cleaning of comminution chamber and discharge grate.
  • 90° rotation and locking of chamber for maintenance and adjustment of roller position;
  • Equipped with tray for collecting sample residues and 1.5-liter stainless steel receiving container;
  • Sealing of the charging funnel and receiving container reduces dust during operation;
  • Reduction of vibrations transmitted to support surface by means of shock absorbers;
  • Equipped with control panel and Т 70 stand.



Peat, Red Soil, Chernozem.


Soil Grinder


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