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Product Reliability:


Are you Satisfied with the reliability of our products?

Product Effectiveness:

Do our products do what is promised?

Product Safety:

Have you found our products safe to use?

Product ease of use:

Are our products user friendly?

Product Image:

Are our product designed well?



Quote turn around time:

Do you receive your quotes in a timely fashion?

Quoting Accuracy:

Do you find your quotes are accurate as requested?

Delivery Times:

Do you find that you receive your deliveries as promised?

Delivery Accuracy:

Are you satisfied with accuracy of your orders?

Stock Availability:

Do you feel that MIT has sufficient stock on hand when your orders are placed?


Are you happy with the service received form the MIT team?



Pricing Competitiveness:


Do you find our pricing competitive within the industry?

Total cost of Ownership:

Do you find our products running cost are as promised over its life span?



Ease of Dealings:

Do you find it easy to do business with MIT?

After Sales Service:

Are you satisfied with our after sales support?