Application and Properties

/Application and Properties

Typical applications of EREMA heating elements are:

Steel processing, steel hardening, carburising, tempering, galvanising, sintering, forging, annealing, brazing, nitriding, casting and immersion heating. EREMA SiC heating elements provide a high quality solution for most heating treatment proprocesses within their operating temperature range and offer considerable savings in furnace construction costs and maintenance is greatly simplified. Unlike metallic heating elements or MoSi2 heating elements EREMA are characterized by high strength values, which are temperature independent and thus allow a free, self-sustaining operation requiring only simple support in furnace walls no other internal support require.

EREMA elements are installed and mounted vertically, horizontally or at an angle, as the material remains rigid even at their maximum operating temperatures, no special supports are required. Downtime can also be dramatically reduced as EREMA elements can normally be replaced quickly when required, even when the furnace is still hot.

EREMA elements will also accept significantly higher electrical power loadings than other element materials, high power density of up to 250 kW/mÇ can be achieved, while still maintaining superior performance in both continuous and intermittent processes.