Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum Pumps


M-I-T’s Suction filtration (vacuum filtration) utilises an advanced technique for separating solid-liquid mixture efficiently.



Available In:
  • Single Station
  • Double Station
  • Four Station
  • Six Station
Important Information:
  • 315 Dia Interchangable Vacuum Pots with Ait tight O-Ring Sealed Lids
  • HDPE Body in Powdercoated steel frame with levelling feet
  • 220VAC Electricity actuated valves:
    >  Vacuum
    >  Drain
    >  Pressure release
  • Single 380VAC supply
  • 380VAC Vacuum Pump to Suit
  • Safe, lightweight & easy to use
  • Plant resistant – constrution HDPE

On Line filtering directly from autosamplers, safer easier laboratory filtering. Filtering highly corrosive samples.

Vacuum Pumps


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