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Calibration is often overlooked, although it really shouldn’t be! Sending your equipment for calibration is a vital part of your quality assurance. It ensures that you are measuring correctly, and accurately.

Measuring with an instrument which has unknown errors is useless, the calibration is the process of determining the magnitude of the errors that exist on an instrument. Often by making a correction your measurement accuracy can be improved.

We cater for all instruments ranging from pressure indicators, gauges, transmitters, barometers, temperature gauges, thermometers, thermocouples, ovens, furnaces, mass balances, scales and mass pieces/weights.

All Calibrations done are by a SANAS accredited technician and receive a certificate of calibration.

Did you know? Even instruments direct from the factory have errors! Send all your new and used instrumentation for calibration, before you make an incorrect measurement!

Calibration services offered:

Specialising in the fields of Pressure, Temperature, and Mass, we will ensure that you are certain of your measurements!

Calibration of all Pressure Instrumentation including:

  • Pressure Gauges
  • Vacuum Gauges
  • Digital Pressure Indicators
  • Manometers
  • Barometers
  • Differential Pressure Instruments

  • Pressure Transmitters
  • Pressure Transducers
  • Deadweight Testers
  • Data Loggers
  • On-site Calibrations

Calibration of all Temperature Instrumentation including:

  • Temperature Gauges
  • Digital Temperature Indicators
  • Thermocouples (All Types)
  • PT100’s (2, 3 & 4 Wire)
  • Platinum Resistance Thermometers (PRT’s)
  • Water/Oil Baths

  • Dry Block Calibrators
  • Surface Temperature Probes
  • Data Loggers
  • Liquid in Glass Thermometers
  • Ovens (on-site)

  • Furnaces (on-site)
  • Incubators (on-site)
  • Fridges (on-site)
  • Cold Rooms (on-site)

Calibration of all Mass Instruments including:

  • Single Weights
  • Weight Sets
  • Mass Balances / Scales (on-site)

Testing Services Offered:

  • Pump Performance Test (Head vs Flow)
  • Flow Meter Calibration
  • Enthalpy Determination
  • Heat Exchanger Performance Test
  • Temperature Surveys
  • Data Logging of Pressure, Temperature and Flow