Customer Satisfaction Survey

/Customer Satisfaction Survey

Thank you for taking part in our survey, your feedback is most valuable.

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Product Reliability:


Are you Satisfied with the reliability of our products?

1 out of 15

Product Effectiveness:

Do our products do what is promised?

2 out of 15

Product Safety:

Have you found our products safe to use?

3 out of 15

Product ease of use:

Are our products user friendly?

4 out of 15

Product Image:

Are our product designed well?

5 out of 15



Quote turn around time:

Do you receive your quotes in a timely fashion?

6 out of 15

Quoting Accuracy:

Do you find your quotes are accurate as requested?

7 out of 15

Delivery Times:

Do you find that you receive your deliveries as promised?

8 out of 15

Delivery Accuracy:

Are you satisfied with accuracy of your orders?

9 out of 15

Stock Availability:

Do you feel that MIT has sufficient stock on hand when your orders are placed?

10 out of 15


Are you happy with the service received form the MIT team?

11 out of 15



Pricing Competitiveness:


Do you find our pricing competitive within the industry?

12 out of 15

Total cost of Ownership:

Do you find our products running cost are as promised over its life span?

13 out of 15



Ease of Dealings:

Do you find it easy to do business with MIT?

14 out of 15

After Sales Service:

Are you satisfied with our after sales support?

15 out of 15