Sample Drying Ovens

/Sample Drying Ovens

We now offer our locally manufactured Sample Drying Ovens to Mining & Mineral Laboratories

  • Purpose built for the mining & mineral industries
  • With a moisture expelling system to speed up drying times and reduce corrosion to the structure of the Oven.
  • Robust Construction
  • Heavy Duty Handles

Offered in a wide range of sizes:
• 80L • 240L • 400L • 800L in 3X Models – Fixed Shelves, Sample Loading Trolley or both
With Analogue and Digital Controllers  

Other Services Offered:

  • Pre-Delivery SANAS Calibrations
  • Temperature Monitoring Data Loggers
  1. Measuring Range 0 – 125deg C
  2. Resolution: 0.5deg C
  3. Accuracy: +/-0.5deg C
  4. Record Storage: 4096 records, depends on resolution