Scales and Balances

/Scales and Balances

If you are looking for a high accuracy, low capacity analytical balance or a high capacity platform scale, please contact us with your requirements, we will have the rightt selection for you.

Balance ranges as follows:

  • 0.0001g – 120g to 250g Capacity
  • 0.001g – 150g to 750g Capacity
  • 0.01g – 1500g to 6000g Capacity
  • 0.1g – 4000g to 30kg Capacity

Scale ranges as follows:

  • 0.1g – 8000g Capacity
  • 0.5g – 16kg Capacity
  • 1g – 32kg to 75kg Capacity
  • 2g – 60kg to 150kg Capacity
  • 5g – 75 to 120kg Capacity
  • 10g – 150kg Capacity
  • 20g – 60Kg Capacity
  • 50g – 150kg to 600kg Capacity
  • 100g – 300Kg Capacity

Platform ranges as follows:

  • 200g – 1000kg Capacity
  • 500g – 3000kg Capacity

Hanging Crane Scales Available as well as a full selection of SANAS accredited calibration Weights.