Standard Models

/Standard Models


The D element is made from high-density, high-purity silicon carbide. Using the most modern production technology and expertise developed by TKK from past experience, Type D features high oxidation resistance, heat resistance and reinforced strength. Type D is the most popular type of economical heating element capable of operating under hot and rigorous environments. As required by specific applications, various coatings can be applied to D-type elements to prevent oxidation.


These are improved versions of the D-type. Modifications have been made to reduce the cold-end terminal resistance and heat loss. When used in general-purpose industrial furnaces, they can reduce energy consumption by as much as 5% to 10% compared with the D-type..


SG-type elements, with a spiral-grooved heating section, are more resistant to heat and corrosion than conventional products and are able to withstand operation in rigorous conditions. The interior of elements with large diameters can be used as a tube furnace. As in Type E, SG elements are provided with energy-saving, low-resistance, cold-end terminals


This type also has a spiral groove engraved on the heating zones similar to type SG. This has the cold end only at one end, which is its distinguishing feature. As the connecting terminals are at the one side, it is very convenient to use and moreover an energy saving furnace can be built by using this. Use of the types SG and SGR is recommended for the applications where service conditions are severer or where the temperature in the furnace chamber exceeds 1400°C.


This type is “U”-shaped, consisting of a combination of one each of the EREMA types E and F respectively. It is a single-phase heating element with both cold ends in one direction, facilitating increased furnace design flexibility, because connection terminals can be centered on one side. In addition, a furnace with an energy saving structure can be built because the number of heating element holes on the furnace can be reduced compared with the E or F types.


This is the heating element to be used with a three phase power supply combining 3 units of the heating elements to make a “W” shape. The principal application is in manufacturing furnaces for float glass.


This type has a non-heating element at the center of the hot zone to improve the temperature distribution in the furnace chamber by suppressing the temperature around the central part of the furnace. The same materials as in type E and F are used.